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I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the Learning with Data community! I hope you enjoyed the 5-Step Process for Creating an Amazing Data Science Portfolio.

The feedback has been super positive. One user even said the guide was “brilliant!”

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What you can expect from joining our community is simple: help to become the best data scientist possible.

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Top Strategies for Getting a Data Science

An Interview with Ben Taylor

I actually made some video content!

In this video, I discuss the top strategies for getting a data science job with Ben Taylor.

Ben Taylor is the co-founder of Zeff - an AI company that recently sold to Data Robot. Go check it out!


Sorry that I am still working on getting the lighting and camera to look good on my end! The question the video starts with for Ben was whether he thought that doing the start-up was worth it.

Let me know your thoughts on video content. If people like it, I will try and do more.

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How To Tag Any Image Using Deep Learning

With Pytorch Lightning

You probably have photos, right?

You probably want those photos tagged automatically for you, right?

But you also don’t want to write a ton of code to do so.

Read on (with all the code) to learn how to use deep learning and Pytorch to tag any photo with less than 60 lines of code. The best part is, you’ll only have to change about 3 lines of code to get it to work for your own images!


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Video Chat on 7 Reasons To Not Hire a Data Scientist

This Friday (May 15th), I will be talking about my 7 Reasons Not to Hire a Data Scientist.

It should be fun!

You can find the article here:


This will be a great discussion, and I hope you can join!

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11 Incredibly Useful Data Science Resources

I recently released this list to new subscribers and wanted to make sure all my previous subscribers got it as well. I hope you enjoy it!!

Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow

Start here. I am convinced this is the best book on applied ML.

Python for Data Analysis

The ultimate guide to learning Pandas to process and crunch data.

Data Science from Scratch

Learn the fundamental algorithms by coding them from scratch.

Introduction to Linear Algebra

The best book to refresh your linear algebra. It also has online courses.

Doing Bayesian Data Analysis

My favorite book for beginners on Bayesian data analysis.

Introduction to Statistical Learning

An amazing introduction to statistical learning methods.

Kaggle Learn

Great micro-courses on practical data science skills.

The Matrix Calculus You Need for Deep Learning

The best resource to better understand the math for deep learning

Deep Learning Book

A great introduction to many deep learning topics

Deep Learning Specialization

An amazing series of courses from basics to image and text processing.

Coursera Machine Learning

Still one of the best ML courses. Just do the homework in Python.

Python Data Analysis and Visualization

As a bonus, my course which fills the gap of end-to-end analytics.

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